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The Oculus Rift VR at the CES in Las Vegas

Considered one of the best at CES. Check out this virtual reality company and award winner of the Oculus Rift VR. Great interview. What do you think?


Facebook’s new data center in Iowa to be fully powered by wind

You Should Use Twitter Because It Makes Everyone As Smart As Anyone

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Twitter’s purpose is still widely misunderstood, and many people think they have no need for it. But it has great potential to enlighten us. Here’s how:

We are a specialized species. Each of us lives a different life with unique passions, intellectual pursuits and hobbies. We choose a path and along the way amass a distinct collection knowledge. But what if we could peek into each other’s minds to gain insight from the roads we’ll never travel? Well, we can. That’s the magic of Twitter.

It’s inherently flexible. Twitter is a skeleton its users bring to life. Yes, we can share what we’re having for breakfast or what we watch on TV. But at its best, Twitter is a tool for distilling understanding of the world into the most digestible format possible.

Imagine a scientist on the other side of the planet. They read and research all day, spending time…

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